Relativity of Simultaneity and length contraction


The relativity of simultaneity shows flaw when a third simultaneous even is introduced in the “Ladder Paradox” thought experiment.
Link to the Wikipedia page, treating the ladder paradox – click HERE to read.
Please study the content from the above link, and refer to it when examining the problem presented by me.
For better understanding, I’ll use the same graphics, modified for the purpose of the problem.

To question the length contraction and the relativity of simultaneity I introduce a third event in the ladder paradox problem.

How?  Simply, by attaching a rod to each door, which is welded perpendicularly on the inside of the doors, in a way that the rods tips touch when both the doors are closed. (See the red attached arms on the graphics)
Think of this touching event as verification of the simultaneity – touching verifies simultaneity, no touching – no simultaneity.
Obviously, this event will be absent in the ladder reference frame since the doors in that frame are not closing simultaneously.
Missing event in one of the reference frames is against the law of physics, which automatically puts Einstein’s Theory of Relativity in the scientific dustbin.

To add a bit of an entertainment to the problem, we can put mechanical bomb trigger on the place of the touching event and blow the garage to pieces in its reference frame, while in the reference frame of the ladder it will still be flapping doors, due to the missing event and the impossibility to trigger the bomb.


1. left-hand side – garage reference frame with simultaneously closing doors.
The touching event is present in the third graphic from the top.
2. right-hand side – ladder reference frame with non-simultaneously closing doors.
The touching event is missing.


Relativity of Simultaneity - Ladder Paradox
Relativity of Simultaneity



Since too many opponents have been confused with the rods, arguing the technicality, not the logic, I decided to change the door system in order to accommodate their requirements.

The door system can be modified in few different ways; vertically sliding, horizontally sliding etc.
I got rid of the rods in a way to be easy to visualize the added touching event, and now it takes place on the top of the doors, few inches under the hinge, on which both doors are hanged (see the red dots). The open/close sequence remains the same of course.

Do not think of the touching event as of event which may not occur. Think of it as of clapping hands.
Note that the scenario can be done with cannons shooting against each other and the
cannonballs exploding after meeting each other. According to the Relativity of Simultaneity the events where the cannon balls meet and explode will be missing from the ladder frame of reference.

What you see below is the door system without the construction holding it. Since the construction doesn’t have moving elements, it is not of our interest. (Click on the image to enlarge)

Relativity of simultaneity
Relativity of simultaneity


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