Relativity of Simultaneity and length contraction produces missing event


The relativity of simultaneity shows flaw when an event which results from the simultaneous events is introduced in the „Ladder Paradox“ thought experiment.
Link to the Wikipedia page, explaining the ladder paradox – click HERE to read.
Please study the content from the above link, and refer to it when examining the problem presented by me.
For better understanding, I’ll use the same graphics, modified for the purpose of the problem.

To question the length contraction and the relativity of simultaneity I introduce a third event in the ladder paradox problem.

How?  Simply, by attaching a rod to each door, which is welded perpendicularly on the inside of the doors, in a way that the rods tips touch each other when both the doors are closed. (See the red attached arms in the graphics)
Think of this touching event as verification of the simultaneity – touching verifies simultaneity, no touching – no simultaneity.
Obviously, this event will be absent in the ladder reference frame since the doors in that frame are not closing simultaneously.
Missing event in one of the reference frames is against the law of physics or open door to multiple realities.


1. left-hand side – garage reference frame with simultaneously closing doors.
The touching event is present in the third graphic from the top.
2. right-hand side – ladder reference frame with non-simultaneously closing doors.
The touching event is missing.


Since too many opponents have been confused with the rods, arguing the technicality but not the logic, I decided to give an example which is more easy to visualize and understand.

Here it is:

As Einstein proposed it:

As it would be if Einstein was right:

It is obvious that if we add an event as a result of the simultaneous events, it will be missing in the second frame of reference where the simultaneity is missing. Note that on this event can be held the whole structure of the system, and since the event is missing in the second frame of reference, we need magic for the system to be present in that frame of reference, or to assume multiple realities.

And here is why length contraction wouldn’t work

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