NASA Images Offer Views of Apollo Landing Sites

Yesterday NASA published images of the Apollo landing sites on the Moon.
Apart from the „First Moon Landing“ (20 July 1969) I don’t doubt that USA sent spacecrafts on the Moon, but how comes NASA offers images on the landing sites in such bad quality?
They took those images from a 21km height, which is about fifteen times closer than the images taken from satellites for Earth maps.

I guess that the Lunar Rover is at least as big as a passenger car.
Knowing the precision of the astronauts photo equipment and the quality of their pictures from the Moon, I am a little confused of why on an Earth satellite photo (+/-320 km distance) I can see cars, road marking lines and bushes but cannot see the Lunar Rover on the Moon, photographed from 21 km distance.

See the difference for yourself.

NASA image taken from 21km height
NASA image taken from 21km height
Earth satellite picture taken from about 320km
Earth satellite picture taken from about 320km height
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20.10.2011 1:26

Най-вероятно БОГ пречи на НАСА при овладяването на космоса и заснемането му. Той е единствената сила способна на това. 3 пъти отче наш и следващите снимки ще са с авторско право и добра резолюция 🙂